Greenlight Communities Breaks Ground on New Apartments in Scottsdale; Offering Affordable Rents As Rising Housing Costs Challenge Renters

Scottsdale-based Greenlight Communities building much needed attainable housing for middle-income renters.

Scottsdale-based Greenlight Communities has broken ground on an 89-unit community, Cabana on Hayden, which will offer Scottsdale residents brand new, affordable and centrally located rental homes. Cabana on Hayden is located at Hayden Road and Oak Street, with construction scheduled to start on June 1st.

Greenlight Communities has remained steadfast in their pursuit to build $325 million worth of development and construction projects in the Phoenix metro area.

Nationally, the Phoenix metro area experienced the largest increase in rental prices in 2019 and apartment rents have risen 40 percent across the region since 2014. The need for newly-built housing alternatives in the Valley is undeniable, as the vast majority of new rentals are luxury and come with a hefty price tag, making them unattainable to the majority of middle-income renters.

Scottsdale-based Greenlight Communities identified this need years ago and set out to be part of the solution, offering an innovative private sector option to the Valley’s housing and economic challenges. Greenlight is building brand-new, contemporary apartment communities with rents that are far more manageable for middle-income renters.

Cabana Hayden, located at 2240 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale AZ 85257,will offer 36 studio, 31 one-bedroom and 22 two-bedroom  apartment homes. The $17 million Scottsdale development brings a brand new, attainable housing option to a currently vacant lot. Greenlight Communities acquired the property for $2.4 million in December of 2018. The community is set to open in January 2021.

Cabana on Hayden residents will enjoy the centrally located community, just streets over from Old Town Scottsdale, near the ASU SkySong technology campus as well as employment centers and recreation amenities in Scottsdale and neighboring Tempe.

The Hayden Road development was thoughtfully designed with 89 units , creating a footprint that respectful of nearby existing neighborhoods. Additionally, the property will include increased landscaping and a parking buffer to connect the Cabana community to Hayden Road while meshing with the neighborhood.

Greenlight Communities is developing new Cabana apartments across the Valley using their innovative construction, design and operational business model that allows it to offer new apartments with rents that are significantly less expensive than other new projects.

“Nurses, first responders and teachers are the backbone of our community. We have set out to build rental housing that allows these Scottsdale workers to be able to also live in Scottsdale, in housing they can comfortably afford and feel proud of. We are thrilled to offer a new and affordable housing option in a prime Scottsdale location,” said Dan Richards, a Principal and Co-founder of Greenlight Communities.

“At Greenlight Communities, we have been able to eliminate many of the cost and time constraints other building projects and apartment communities around the country inevitably experience. We do this effectively by removing the middleman and streamlining our design and building process. For each new community, we use our own construction and administration staff, as well as the same Cabana design, with exactly the same blueprint for every project. This has virtually removed the long permit delays and higher construction costs that unfortunately get passed down to renters. The best part is that this innovative design process takes nothing away from what the renters get from our housing.  We understand the strain Valley residents are under and we are proud to be offering housing that can ease some of that burden.We are a Scottsdale company and we are excited to bring more affordable rents to our hometown,” said Patricia Watts, Principal and Co-founder of Greenlight Communities.

Cabana Hayden is offering a significant number of studio apartments. Historically, the Valley has experienced a lack of studio rental options. Greenlight, however, recognizes that there is a demand for studio units, and that demand is only growing. Studios offer an affordable option for residents who want to live alone, reduce utility costs, have less space to clean and furnish and for those who prioritize time outdoors.  “We are developing more studio units so Cabana renters can afford to live alone. We want Scottsdale residents to feel self-sufficient and free from having to share a place with roommates.  Hard-working renters deserve their own space in a new community they can feel proud of,” said Rob Lyles, Principal and Co-founder of Greenlight Communities.

Greenlight Communities first two Cabana communities are currently leasing in Phoenix.  Greenlight has additional projects  under construction and in the development pipeline in additional cities as well, including Glendale, Goodyear, Mesa, and Chandler.

Leasing is underway at both of Greenlight’s Cabana on 12th and Cabana on Washington communities in Phoenix. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, residents can take virtual tours and talk to leasing representatives online via the apartment communities’ websites and virtual leasing portals. Residents are also welcomed to visit the sites for in-person tours during business hours.

Cabana on 12th (located on 12th Street near Campbell Avenue):

Cabana on Washington (located on Washington Street and 53rd Street):

Greenlight’s other new attainable housing development also include:

Cabana on Power (located at on Power Road near Williams Field Road in Mesa). The development is scheduled to open in 2021.

Cabana on 99th (located on Missouri Avenue and 99th Avenue in Glendale). The development is also scheduled to open in 2021.

For more information on Greenlight Communities’ Cabana apartments or to set up an interview please contact Mike Sunnucks at (623) 760-5543 or

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