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  • DIA CEO pick responds to scandal surrounding his time in Miami

    The Downtown Investment Authority’s choice for CEO responded Friday to the scandal surrounding one of his previous organizations.

    Aundra Wallace, executive director of the Detroit Land Bank Authority, was selected Thursday by the DIA board and now enters contract negotiations for the position.

    Wallace was with the Miami-Dade Empowerment Trust Inc. from 1999 to 2008, becoming president and CEO in 2005. He served the organization as a consultant from 2008 to 2009, after taking a job with the North…

  • Greendale reaches agreement with The Rock Sports Complex

    Greendale officials have cut a deal with The Rock Sports Complex to avoid any lawsuits over work performed on a mountain biking trail without a village permit.

    The agreement announced Friday comes after the Greendale officials on Tuesday gave attorneys the green light to pursue legal action against Milwaukee County and The Rock. The Rock is a baseball and mounting biking complex under construction on the former Crystal Ridge Ski Hill property, which is in Franklin and Greendale. It is located near…

  • How a youngster escaped Hitler’s assault to become a top litigator

    As a boy, Peter Richter and his family escaped Hitler’s assault on Czechoslovakia, only to become stuck in the nation as Russia sealed its borders.

    His father, who had earlier escaped from a Nazi work camp, eventually obtained phony papers to help the family flee to the West.

    Even then, it took a pair of American soldiers to whisk the family away from Russian border guards and get them into West Germany.

    Richter’s family eventually made it to the United States when he was six. They settled…

  • Small is beautiful for Patrick Kennedy’s micro-units (photos)

    SoMa Studios, a building of 23 micro-units in San Francisco, is hitting the for sale market.

    Now that the building is built and fully-leased by the California College of the Arts to use for dorms, developer Patrick Kennedy of Panoramic Interests is ready to sell with an asking price of $7.4 million or about $321,500 per unit.

    Kennedy made multiple headlines in developing the building, which is made up of 295-square-foot energy and space efficient units at 38 Harriet St.

    “It’s the right time,”…

  • DIA CEO pick would work to make money comfortable investing in Downtown Jacksonville

    Aundra Wallace wants to be clear: If he becomes CEO of the Downtown Investment Authority, there won’t be a sudden explosion of development and construction in the urban core.

    “I don’t want to set any expectations that there’s going to be cranes and projects coming out of the ground,” Wallace said in a phone interview Friday. “We’ve gotta lay the groundwork for that. If we get one or two projects coming out of the ground that first year, we’ve overachieved.”

    Wallace, 45, was unanimously…

  • Spurring development on Lancaster Ave.

    The People’s Emergency Center on May 21 purchased sections of an iconic, Victorian-era property called Hawthorne Hall in West Philadelphia to serve as a catalyst of a broader redevelopment plan for lower Lancaster Avenue.

    In the context of rising real estate prices in the neighborhoods comprising lower Lancaster Ave., such as West Powelton, the community development nonprofit’s plan strives for inclusive economic development informed by interviews and focus groups with local residents, according…


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