Milestone event signals next step forward for state-of-the-art city project

A longtime dream of one of America’s fastest-growing cities has taken another significant step forward.

The long-awaited groundbreaking of Goodyear Civic Square at GSQ on Friday, April 23, signals another milestone in the state-of-the-art project now becoming a reality for Goodyear residents. It will serve as a first-ever community gathering spot for events such as festivals, concerts and parades – creating a true heart of the community for the 14th fastest-growing city in the U.S.

“The features of this project were truly created by our community and I am very proud that the voices of our residents really drove this project,” said Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord. “This is the fulfillment of a long-held dream and I couldn’t be more excited to see it finally become a reality.”

The city of Goodyear has sought to create a project such as this for nearly 40 years. In 2019, Goodyear and Globe Corporation created a partnership that allowed the project to move forward. Globe owns 47 acres where the new Civic Square will be built, at the northwest corner of McDowell Road and 150th Drive. Globe is donating some of the land to Goodyear for this project. The total project is part of a larger 47-acre parcel owned by Globe which will include Class-A office space, retail, multi-family housing and other mixed uses.

“We are beyond excited to begin construction of Phase 1 of GSQ,” said Globe Corporation President George Getz. “Globe has owned the property since 1971, and with the explosive growth in Goodyear; time has come to create a new downtown for the city. GSQ will be the envy of every city in Arizona with the private-public partnership created by Globe and the city of Goodyear.”

This is more than just a city hall and office space. This project is expected to jump start the development of the restaurant, stores and entertainment our residents yearn for. GSQ will bring in hundreds of workers to the area which will be a big draw for new and exciting businesses who want to be a part of the action.

The city relied upon input from citizens in choosing the design and amenities of the new civic square. Those amenities include:

-A new, state-of-the-art city hall

-A new, two-story library (twice the size of the current one)

-A two-acre park for community events, food trucks, parades, fairs, concerts and more (including an iconic Goodyear sign for selfies)

-100,000 sq.ft. of upscale Class A office space to attract high-quality jobs; 4 story parking garage

-Space for new restaurants, retail and entertainment

-An Art sculpture to capture the story of Goodyear

“As I look back on the charrette process that was held many years ago in developing our civic center and the droves of citizens — families with toddlers in strollers and teens who eagerly offered their ideas — I am thankful for the high level of engagement from our residents in this effort,” Mayor Lord said. “We had seniors who shared their life experiences, as well as many business owners, and those ideas will be part of our future.”

Hundreds of people participated in today’s event both in person and virtually. City leaders along with leadership from Globe Corporation and Ryan Companies, the project builder, participated in the ceremonial turning of dirt. Special goggles were provided to attendees allowing them to view a virtual version of the finished project.

Goodyear’s current city hall requires future funding for reinvestment and expansion and was meant to be a temporary location. Goodyear Civic Square at GSQ is expected to be completed by mid-2022.

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