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Emerging Managers Form Alignment Realty Capital, with Backing from Real Estate Platform Incubator WestHawk Capital (Gary Linhart, Owner)

The firm will be led by Gary Linhart, Jake Gallagher and Ben Sacks

L to R: Ben Sacks, Gary Linhart, Jake Gallagher.

Alignment Realty Capital (Alignment) has been formed by real estate platform incubator WestHawk Capital, Gary Linhart, owner, and emerging managers Jake Gallagher and Ben Sacks to pursue new opportunities in single-tenant real estate. Alignment Realty Capital provides a framework for landlords and operators to unlock the value in their real estate, or to use real estate as a tool for continued expansion. For owner-occupants, a strategic sale-leaseback can provide immediate growth capital to expand their business or be used as an alternative financing source to decrease the overall cost of an acquisition of another franchisee. For landlords, Alignment can provide much-needed capital when near-term maturities present cash-flow risks or a potential drop in property value. Alignment’s platform will include both direct acquisitions as well as structured debt and equity financing for tenants looking to own their own properties.

“Our overarching goal is to empower and provide capital to those who bring value to real estate,” says Gallagher, adding, “often the providers of capital in the triple-net market have a very specific ‘box,’ and a lot of tenants’ and landlords’ needs don’t fit in that box.” The company’s listen-first, problem-solving and win-win approach seeks to align the interests of all stakeholders. “In this environment,” Sacks added, “tenant health and survival are critical to the recovery of our economy. The ability to access liquidity from real estate can really make a difference for these small to mid-size businesses.”

Alignment’s ideal partners are comprised of a few different groups:

Tenants: The tenants/users of single-tenant real estate, such as quick-service restaurants or car care centers, with durable brands that occupy mission-critical, well-located real estate.

Commercial real estate brokers: The brokers who represent the tenants, or brokers who represent the current owners of the real estate occupied by single-tenant users.

Owners: The same tools may be useful for the owners of single-tenant real estate who wish to execute a variety of business plans, or to divest from an asset where substantial lease restructuring may be necessary to aid the tenant.

The partnership behind Alignment Realty Capital has roots back to 2014. “Gary gave me my first job in the industry, and since then we have continued to foster a strong relationship. Jake and I are looking forward to his continued mentorship and partnership,” says Sacks. The stars aligned this spring as Linhart left his prior role at ViaWest Group where he was a founding partner, just as Sacks and Gallagher were eager to start a business that could fill the gap in the market that Alignment seeks to address.

“My mission with WestHawk is to identify emerging managers with passion, expertise and a scalable opportunity, and then partner with them to help them accelerate their business growth and success. I’m excited to partner with Ben and Jake – good people I have known for a long time,” added Linhart.

Contact Alignment Realty Capital with any questions:

Gary Linhart,

Ben Sacks,

Jake Gallagher,

2801 E Camelback Road, Suite 200, Phoenix, Arizona 85016

About Alignment Realty Capital

Alignment Realty Capital (Alignment) is a joint venture between real estate platform incubator WestHawk Capital and emerging managers Jake Gallagher and Ben Sacks. Alignment offers financial solutions for franchise operators and landlords to access liquidity from their tenancy or ownership of single-tenant real estate. Alignment is based in Phoenix, Arizona, but is active on transactions across the country. Alignment is seeking investment opportunities between $500,000 – $25,000,000.

About WestHawk Capital

WestHawk Capital was formed in 2020 by Gary Linhart, founding partner of ViaWest Group. WestHawk is focused on identifying attractive and scalable real estate investment strategies. WestHawk will pursue opportunities either directly or in partnership with emerging managers/operating partners who need a partner with access to capital, hands-on experience building successful real estate companies, and expertise in treating all real estate investments with institutional quality management and reporting.

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