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Cresa Expands its Tenant-Focused Service Delivery Platform Internationally

Cresa, North America’s leading tenant representation firm, announced today that it has expanded its tenant-focused service delivery platform into London, with plans to shortly expand in Hong Kong as well. The expansion into global markets solidifies Cresa’s position as the largest firm to exclusively provide service to occupiers of office and industrial real estate in the world, with the ability to provide service in more than 60 countries.

In London, Cresa has added Cresa DeVono, formerly known as DeVono Commercial Property Advisors. Since 2003, the firm has been the leading commercial estate agent in London to act and advise commercial property occupiers and tenants only.

There has been a growing demand among corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits for tenant-only services, as conflicts of interest can occur when a commercial real estate services firm represents both tenants and the landlords they are negotiating with for space. For more than 20 years, Cresa’s platform has exclusively provided services to tenants, eliminating those conflicts while specializing in meeting occupiers’ workplace and financial requirements.

Cresa CEO Jim Leslie said, “Cresa is committed to providing tenant-focused services exclusively, no matter where in the world our clients have real estate requirements. For more than 20 years, Cresa has been the leader in providing services to occupiers only; and now we are pleased to extend our service delivery model into Europe and Asia. Cresa is now uniquely able to provide clients with conflict-free services anywhere in the world,” Leslie added.

Luke Philpott, of Cresa DeVono in London said “we have been the leading tenant representation firm in London for the last 8 years and we are keen to embrace an international platform with Cresa who share our business ideals while also embracing our unique, no conflict, tenant only approach to commercial real estate.”

Last year, Cresa completed over 100 assignments in more than 25 countries outside North America. Projects included transactions, project management, portfolio management, lease administration, and strategic planning.

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