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Colliers Culture: The Value of Togetherness

As we emerge from months of remote work, everyone holds a renewed appreciation of being together with others.

Collaborating with each other and valuing the unique contributions people bring to our lives are more important than ever. These factors serve as the foundational structure of Colliers in Arizona’s work culture and have endured through the pandemic.

Commercial real estate brokerage as an industry typically measures success in numbers of the transactions, sizes of deals and fees earned. Colliers’ culture focuses on people, demonstrating that when you value people and their strengths the financial success is sure to follow. That approach is visible in the demeanor and attitudes of every company agent and employee. Authentic teamwork involves transparency, trust and championing of every member.

Every real estate brokerage company is home to a variety of teams that specialize in an assortment of product types and services as well as client focuses from landlord representation to tenant representation. Colliers takes the team concept one step further, integrating all of its sales people and staff members into one united team. Every member, from the receptionist to the managing director, is celebrated for his or her unique contribution to the company. Colliers sales agents actively appreciate and publicly recognize the work of support staff who get the deals over the finish line. All members of the Colliers team cheer for every deal achieved, from smallest transaction to the largest.

Executive leadership at Colliers understands that as the coaches of the team, they are entrusted with providing the best tools and support to help their professionals flourish in the market. This dedication ranges from supplying cutting edge technology and access to national expertise, to building one of the industry’s most innovative marketing departments and comprehensive research resources.

Throughout the Colliers organization, people serve people. Veteran professionals mentor those who are building their careers. Sales agents refer business to each other and openly share opportunities across practice groups and product lines.

Matt Baniszewski, winner of the 2020 Best of NAIOP Rookie of the Year award, understands the value of this culture.

“I can’t imagine starting my commercial real estate career anywhere other than Colliers. From day one, Colliers has provided me with the resources necessary to foster my growth and ensure opportunities for success. Each individual in the office plays a crucial role in our team environment. The open collaboration, respect for one another, and drive for success at Colliers is visible daily and accelerates each individuals career.”

Respect for one another and encouragement for individual growth fuel the dynamic enthusiasm for Colliers as an organization. In the otherwise competitive field of commercial real estate, Colliers offers a refreshing commitment to honesty, respect and quality of service above all.