Valley Partnership 2017 Community Project Grant Opportunity

Founded in 1987, Valley Partnership is the real estate industry leader advocating for responsible growth policies through public private partnerships that positively impact growth and economic development.

One of our cornerstones is community service. Each year, Valley Partnership selects a non-profit organization that can benefit from the skills, efforts and supplies provided by our members to renovate and enhance facilities. For 30 years, Valley Partnership has contributed over $3.8 million to the community.

If you know of, or are part of an organization that would benefit from the community service of Valley Partnership and its Partners, please answer the questions on the following page about the organization – supplementary information will be accepted.

Valley Partnership Community Projects 2016 Sunshine Acres Children’s Home 2015 Florence Crittenton Scottsdale Girls Ranch Campus 2014 Arizona Foundation for the Handicapped 2013 Save the Family – Escobedo at Verde Vista 2012 SARRC 2011 Maggies Place 2010 Phoenix Day 2009 Tempe Salvation Army Corps 2008 Foundation for Blind Children 2007 Salvation Army Chandler Youth Center 2006 Herbert Kieckhefer Branch Boys and Girls Clubs 2005 IG Holmes Branch Boys and Girls Clubs 2004 Las Fuentes Health Clinic of Guadalupe 2003 Starshine Academy 2002 Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods 2001 Salvation Army Maryvale 2000 Booker T. Washington Child Development Center 1999 Glendale Drug Elimination Family Awareness Program 1998 Phoenix Youth at Risk 1997 Glendale Family Development Center 1996 CASS: Horace Steele House 1995 Tumbleweed Youth Crisis Center 1994 Rosenzweig Boys & Girls Club 1993 Tempe Boys & Girls Club 1992 Schoolhouse Foundation 1991 La Alianza Project – Phoenix 1989-90 US Desert Botanical Garden 1988-89 CasaTeresa Women’s Shelter

PROJECT SCOPES: The projects are focused on exterior activities which can be completed by a large group of volunteers on the first Saturday of November during our “Event Day” and not exceed $150,000 in value. Typical charities selected usually benefit children and cannot get funding from other sources, and site is less than 1 acre in area, and the scope of work is limited to exterior renovations consisting of painting, landscaping, installation of play equipment and/or fencing, and other minor site improvements only.

Projects typically do NOT include interior upgrades or structural, mechanical, large scale electrical, plumbing or any other similar work.

DEADLINE: The deadline to submit completed applications is Friday, April 7, 2017. A site inspection and interview is required to qualify. Final selections will be made Wednesday, June 14, 2017. For more information or to discuss your scope of work, please contact Carrie Martin at 602-909-3199 or 602.266.7844. Please email your completed application and other required information to


1. Organization name 2. Contact name, phone number, and email address 3. Mission of the organization 4. Physical address of the project site 5. Name of owner of the facility and / or property to be improved 6. Please provide details regarding the work/history of the organization, proof of good standing with all laws and regulations, and annual budget of the organization 7. What is the number of children/people impacted annually by the charity and number that could be increased should the charity be selected 8. State the total area of the property, and the area within that where the requested work is needed 9. “Wish List”: Clearly outline the desired exterior improvements to the site (landscaping, painting, minor site improvements, etc.) 10. Send photos of the area(s) where the desired improvements are needed 11. Describe the impact these desired improvements would have on the organization and surrounding community

EVENT DAY REQUIREMENTS – ALL WORK IS LIMITED TO EXTERIOR WORK ONLY: 1. Does the mission of the charity align with the Valley Partnership mission? 2. Is the project site large enough and willing to host 300+ volunteers on event day? (physically and logistically) 3. Is the size of the work area smaller than one acre? Total budget less than $150,000? 4. Ability to publicize event day activities? 5. All site improvements will ideally be done in the same general area of the property? 6. What percent of donated funds go directly to benefit the users/beneficiaries of the organizations operation?

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