Sperry Van Ness, LLC announces the $732K Sale of Fresno Apartments

Fresno Apartments recently sold for $732,000 or $36,000 per door to Epicenter Holdings, LLC. The seller, Mehmed Kozlika, was represented by Chip Kloppenburg of Sperry Van Ness, LLC. The buyer was represented by Cass Stephens of S.J. Fowler. Fresno Apartments is located at 275 N. Fresno in Chandler, AZ., which is located only minutes east of N. Arizona Ave, just north of Chandler Blvd.

“This sale of Fresno Apartments is a key example of when the deal closes and both the seller and the buyer walk away happy,” Kloppenburg stated.

Kloppenburg is a multifamily/investment specialist who doesn’t stop until there is no other business and/or benefit to his client to be done.

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