Scottsdale-based RY-TAN Construction expanding with new President, CEO

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.  —  RY-TAN Construction announces restructured leadership and their plans to enhance the overall experience for their decades-long clientele. Having primarily focused on faithfully serving the commercial sector for over 30 years and building more than $300 million in the Arizona market, RY-TAN Construction will now appoint a new President, CEO, Director of Operations, and CFO, to implement future-minded technology and infrastructure improvements to the brand and service offerings, supporting longevity and growth.


“It is exciting to make this pivot in our business, where we are able to serve our existing clientele in a more sophisticated manner that will in turn, attract new markets and opportunities that we are confident we now have the capacity to serve,” said Tim Tyrell, RY-TAN Vice President.

Current RY-TAN leadership has developed a clear succession plan through 2020, and Tim Tyrell, the company’s co-founder, is actively engaging current clients with new leadership roles. These new leaders are energetic, carefully-curated construction industry experts from around the valley. The incoming President, Ignacio Gastelum, comes from the $50 million lighting and energy contractor, Urban Energy Solutions (UES).

“RY-TAN has proven their consistency in quality for the entirety of my construction career in the valley,” says Ignacio Gastelum, incoming RY-TAN president. “We have incredible work to do to raise the bar for ourselves, and a dynamic group of professionals to do it.”

RY-TAN Construction is focused on creating a laser-focused plan for growth, meaning new roles will open up to be filled by construction industry experts who will be able to take on new relationships and larger projects. Trade partners can trust that processes will only be enhanced by this pivot as the company propels into its next phase of continued success.

About RY-TAN Construction
Based in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1989, RY-TAN Construction has provided high quality construction contracting to Arizona’s public and private sector, including commercial, multi-family, education, transportation, recreation, and infrastructure projects. RY-TAN Construction truly serves the public with a culture of community engagement and fiscal responsibility with over $300 million in education projects alone.

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