Michael Pollack Sells Phoenix Retail Plaza For $1.8M to NOAH

Cave Creek Grandview Plaza an approximately 16,000 square foot retail plaza located in Phoenix, Arizona, at the southeast corner of Cave Creek and Grandview Roads, was recently sold for $1,800,000.00 as confirmed by Michael A. Pollack, Manager of Cave Creek Grandview Plaza LLC.  The company performed extensive exterior renovations specifically designed to serve the needs of the local community. 

“The exterior of the property required more than just a facelift,” Pollack said. “When I redevelop a center, the goal is working toward being the catalyst for revitalizing an entire community.”

That’s exactly how Pollack took on the project – with the intention of bringing back to life an extremely run down property.   The renovations proved once again that Pollack is in tune with what makes a major difference in neighborhoods.

Pollack has received many city, state and national awards for his redevelopment projects, as well as countless letters of thanks from homeowner’s organizations that recognize his incredible work in their communities.  What makes Pollack stand apart from other redevelopers is that his attention to detail doesn’t stop at just the aesthetics of the building.   The tenants that go into his buildings are as important as the beautification the buildings provide to the neighborhood.

The recent sale of Cave Creek Grand View Plaza to Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health (NOAH) was the culmination of a year long journey between Pollack’s company and NOAH.  The choice to sell the property to NOAH was a decision made by Pollack after he met with a representative of NOAH and learned of the services they provided to neighborhoods in need. 

NOAH’s website gives the following information regarding their mission. Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health’s (NOAH) mission is to provide compassionate, quality healthcare for our community. 

 “The area has been so under-served in the realm of healthcare that I am thrilled NOAH chose to locate in a community where it is truly needed,” said Pollack.   “In a metropolitan city like Phoenix, neighborhoods are widespread and often-older communities are bypassed by the development of newer healthcare facilities.”

During the negotiation of the sale to NOAH, Pollack received several other offers for the property, but he refused to consider those offers because of his desire to assist in bringing healthcare to an area in need of the services that NOAH provides to the community.

The real estate entrepreneur knows what it takes to make neighborhoods succeed.  As a successful redeveloper with over 44 years of experience, Pollack has become known as the “Plastic Surgeon of Real Estate,” striving to make a difference in every community he works.

This isn’t the first time Pollack has made the conscious decision to bring a specialized tenant to a property for the betterment of the surrounding community.  “The consequences of positive changes in a neighborhood are often contagious and are delivered in a domino effect for the community.”

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