Local Landscape & Construction Company Releases Patented Fire & Water Fountain

Mountainscapers Landscape, Design and Construction Company is excited to announce its cutting-edge, newly patented Elemental Fountain. The local business owned and operated by artist and designer Sean Andersen, uses innovative technology for an unexpected yet harmonious fusion of water and fire.


Application of the technology can be scaled for small residential table fountains to very large installations, with the opportunity to present a dramatic display dropping a massive amount of liquid with minimal splash.  The experience can even be taken to the next level with programmable LED lighting to create a range of ambiance possibilities – from calm and relaxing to vibrant and high-energy.


The Elemental Fountain is a two-tier fountain with a 360-degree unrestricted border scupper in an upper basin that creates an inward flowing laminar sheet of fluid. A manipulation of water and gravity, this patented configuration allows for the greatest vertical distance water will fall through the air and still maintain a laminar (smooth circular cascade sheet) water flow.  Upon reaching the lower basin, the water creates a limited amount of turbulence during entry, and therefore practically zero splash.


In addition to the fountain’s patented technology, it also diversifies itself from anything else with:


  • Unique integration of fire and water designed for engagement and enjoyment
  • Massive water flow resulting in high sound value and energy
  • Virtually splash-free – ideal for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Natural blending of earths opposable natural elements
  • Added dramatic value with lighting:  electric or natural flame
  • Lighting from with-in the water not shined on-to the water
  • Design adapts for multi-function use
  • Scalable–as small as a tabletop or as large as a theme park entry feature

Constructed from stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials complete with industrial finishes and unlimited colors, the durable design starts at nine pounds and can be scaled to a variety of projects including stand-alone fountains, table fountains, fire pits, pools, shower heads and indoor/outdoor features.

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