LGE Design Build Starts Construction on $1.6M Distribution Facility for Crescent Crown

Crescent Crown Distributing is one of the nation’s largest beer and beverage distributors, and the company will soon boast an expansive new cooler and fleet shop in order to accommodate continued growth.

Phoenix-based LGE Design Build broke ground on the nearly 18,000 square-foot facility earlier this month, and the job is expected to be completed in April. LGE Design Build constructed Crescent Crown’s original, Mesa, Arizona, headquarters in 2012, but the rapid growth of the craft beer industry in the time since called for considerably more cold storage space and additional room to store transport trucks.

“We’re a nation that is increasingly opting for craft beers, and given their unpasteurized nature, these brews need to be stored at cooler temperatures,” said Crescent Crown’s Rich Marchant. “The new cold-storage facility and fleet shop will allow us to accommodate the exponential growth we’ve seen since we opened for business in 2009.”

While the entire new facility will stay at 70 degrees year-round, the cooler area, where unpasteurized beers will be stored, will remain at 38 degrees consistently. Currently, Crescent Crown sells nearly 20 million cases of beer in the metro Phoenix area alone, with the distribution center handling about 40 percent of that volume.

“We’ve worked with Crescent Crown before, so we were aware that there would be some special circumstances in constructing the new space,” said LGE Design Build’s President and CEO David Sellers, noting that his team would be working in cold temperatures to construct the cold-storage area. “We’re always happy when clients come back to use our services again – there’s really no better compliment.”

LGE Design Build serves as the developer and general contractor for the project, with LGE Design Group serving as the architect. Currently, Crescent Crown has two locations in Arizona and four in Louisiana, with headquarters located in each state.

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