Johnson Carlier announces new President / COO and BEC Southwest subsidiary

Johnson Carlier, a locally-based general contractor, announced today that it has acquired BEC Southwest.

Marc Daniels

Marc Daniels

Its founder and owner Marc Daniels, has rejoined Johnson Carlier as President / COO. Marc left Johnson Carlier in 1992 to start BEC, which grew into a successful engineering and construction company that predominantly works in Northern Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.


Marc brings 34 years of building experience and a skill set that differentiates us, including the ability to self-perform much of our own work, including structural concrete, structural steel, masonry and framing, when beneficial for the project.


Marc as COO will be responsible for managing the operations of Johnson Carlier. Chris Johnson will continue as CEO, responsible for finance, strategic planning, corporate and most importantly, staying close to their clients and partners.


“Marc and I are very excited about the future of not only Johnson Carlier, but of the building industry as a whole. We will continue to set the highest example of skill, integrity, responsibility and service,” said Chris Johnson, CEO.

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