Issue 7, 2016

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Issue 7, 2016

Coming to a close of another amazing year for CRE in the Valley, we are concluding the year by honoring our “Brokers of the Year.” Since we’ve featured the recipients, Cindy Cooke, Craig Coppola and Barry Gabel of CBRE, in plenty of in-depth personal profiles previously, we’ve done something new and asked them questions they’ve never answered anywhere before. In this year-in-review issue, we’ve included our famous “ABCs of CRE” feature where you’ll find all the top deals, projects, companies and people who deserve to be recognized for their contributions to our industry this year. In conducting the interviews and completing the stories for the “alphabet articles,” I was fortunate enough to meet many affluent, yet gracious executives who know the true meaning of happiness and that is always reflecting upon what you’re grateful for and then give back.

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