Issue 6, 2016

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Issue 6, 2016

Welcome to the Fall Forum 2016! We are honored to present to you our panel this year: Sen. John McCain, Sharon Harper of Plaza Companies, Jerry Colangelo of JDM Partners, Dana Garmany of Troon Golf, and Chris Camacho of GPEC, as moderated by Mel Shultz of JDM Partners. Most of these iconic figures in the commercial real estate and economic development world do not require an introduction; however, we’ve dug deep and gathered some little-known facts and background stories from each of them and compiled them into profiles like you’ve never read of them before.With the election on everyone’s minds, we covered a new piece of legislature called Reg. A+ which is designed to aid small companies in raising capital to grow their businesses in an easier way. And speaking of money, check out the sector update on why Class B multifamily is actually a better investment than Class A right now.

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