Issue 6, 2015

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Issue 6, 2015

The time has finally come – The 2015 Fall Forum is here! This year’s panel consists of some of the most legendary and timeless names in our industry: Andrew Cohn of Levine Investments, Ernie Garcia of DriveTime, George Getz of Globe Corporation, Howard Grace of W.M. Grace Companies, Bill Hankowsky of Liberty Property Trust and Conley Wolfswinkel of W Holdings as the moderator. Some of these influential figures fly below the radar and rarely attend public-speaking events, so we’re honored to present you with the inside scoop on their secrets to success and take on some current issues the industry is debating today.On the topic of modern times, check out the “Changing of the Guards” feature profiling the next generation of lenders, brokers and executives to watch. So, there comes a time when the mentors make the decision to hand over the throne to their mentees that they have guided. The “Changing of the Guards” theme also applies to the passing of the torch from Commercial Executive magazine Publisher, Mandy Purcell to Editor, Sarah Stecko.

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