Issue 5, 2016

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Issue 5, 2016

The cover of this issue was inspired by the 1932 photograph, “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper,” because it embodied some of the hard-working people who truly built the skyline of New York. This was the Post-Depression era with “high society,” wealthy tycoons including the Rockefeller family, consumerism, and more efficiency at home and work, so it allowed for more leisure time where the city slickers could enjoy more cultural and social festivities. Today, we’re in Post-Recession times and the industrial sector is very healthy! We’ve featured some of the most active industrial brokers in the Valley today because they are changing our CRE landscape. Their profiles have that same “old school” theme. On a more modern note, our Broker Team of the Month tells us how technology has actually not changed the industry as much as you may think, and also that humor and being personable are still winning traits.

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