Arizona Builders Alliance Installs 2017 Officers

On Friday, Feb. 24, the Arizona Builders Alliance (ABA) appointed Ken Kortman of Kortman Electric as the organization’s 2017 president, inducted Rob Caylor of Caylor Construction as the 29th life director and swore in the 2017 board.

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“My goals are to promote the association as a leader in the construction industry and as a voice of growth to the business community, to work with local and national legislation in an effort to promote a positive business environment that can move the economy forward, and to encourage education and training for existing and future leaders and craftsmen,” said President Kortman.


The ABA’s Executive Director, Mark Minter, says that workforce development will continue to be one of the industry’s largest challenges, and thinks that Kortman’s strong history of finding and training new craft workers may help somewhat alleviate the shortage.


Caylor, who has previously served as president, is honored to be recognized as a life director, a position that is earned by being an officer once and serving for at least nine years on the board. “I hope I can bring a positive influence to our younger generation,” he said. “The ABA is so much about creating opportunities, and making a difference in education, career development, legislative initiatives, and community projects.”


Caylor says that he has forged true friendships as the association guided and educated his company over the years. Minter says that Caylor’s legacy will be helping the ABA get through the 2008 recession, and that with his help, that ABA is poised for the next rebound.


In saying farewell to Mike Epstein as the ABA’s 2016 president, Minter says that 2016 was the first year that the ABA saw a significant financial surplus in a decade and Epstein’s role show that there is opportunity for a small, family-owned business to participate in high-level industry affairs.


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