ABA’s Leadership Development Forum Completes Community Project at Rehoboth Children’s Learning Center

The Arizona Builders Alliance’s (ABA) Leadership Development Forum (LDF) has completed more than $55,000 worth of significant upgrades to Rehoboth Children’s Learning Center in Phoenix, the 2016 LDF community service project recipient. Rehoboth provides affordable childcare to low income families.


Gwen Relf, CEO of Rehoboth Children’s Learning Center, proudly standing under the school’s new awning that was recently installed by the ABA.


Work on the project began in late May 2016. The LDF replaced exterior doors and windows, carpeting, countertops and the basketball court, and built a solid masonry wall in place of an old chain link fence. Playground bedding material was replaced, roof leaks were fixed and a new storage shed and shade awnings were added. In addition, members of the Forum conducted interior framing and dry wall work, and repainted the entire building and its perimeter walls.


Since May, the 37 LDF participants, who represent a cross section of general contractors, subcontractors and equipment suppliers, have committed approximately 1,300 combined hours to the project. Throughout the eight months, 85 of the Forum member’s industry colleagues volunteered to complete additional work.


Last year, an individual told Gwen Relf, CEO of Rehoboth Community Development Corp., that Rehoboth Children’s Learning Center didn’t look like much on the outside, but there was a whole lot of love on the inside. “That’s when I knew that we needed some help,” said Relf.


In terms of selection, “[Rehoboth] spoke to each of our hearts,” said Andy Platt, project manager at Kitchell Contractors, Inc. “We wanted to give these sweet and innocent kids the opportunity to have better surroundings because this is where they spend their day.” He added that the service project’s slogan quickly became, “let’s do it for the kids!”


The LDF received $65,000 in monetary and in-kind donations that assisted in carrying the project through. “We were well within means of being able to help Rehoboth,” said Platt. The LDF committee dubbed him their project “coach.”


Through the LDF program, “the ABA encourages future construction leaders to have a hand and foot impact,” said Platt. “Not only are the lives of the project recipients changed, but the people working on the project are impacted, too. Our work is a practical way of implementing a simple concept: help each other!”


Relf said that the parents and staff are ecstatic about the upgrades, and that she has been reassured that the ABA’s supportive relationship with the organization will continue.


The public is welcome to attend the open house on April 7 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The ABA will be presenting the students and faculty with a check of the remaining funds from the project.

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