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© Copyright 2017 by MP Media, LLC

Women in 



Getting Galvanize [to come to the Warehouse 
District]. It took so many groups of people working 
together for 3-4 years to make this happen. We 
knew this incredible, nationally known company 
would impact our market and help us become that 
tech/software destination that we’re striving to be.  



I know it sounds bizarre but I always knew I would 
be in real estate. I thought I might be an elected 
official, but they are far too brave for me (laughs). 
Another career goal of mine would have been 
being an interior designer or landscape architect 
because I love to challenge the status quo in the 
way things look. 


I have a 10-year bucket list or strategic plan for 
Phoenix. I firmly believe that what gets measured 
gets done. I have every intention of seeing it 

2017 “Women in Power” recipient, Christine Mackay 

had been involved in the commercial real estate industry 

her whole career in some capacity, whether it was through 

property management, construction or on the brokerage 

side at Lee & Associates, serving as its research director for 

seven years to work with teams to bring businesses to the Valley. 
She always caught herself wondering about the companies and 
the people afterwards and if they truly were satisfied with the 
piece of real estate they pitched to them, in terms of residential 
market and workforce. 


 So, it came as no surprise to Mackay 

when she found herself in an economic development role for what 
is now deemed as a booming city in Arizona. 


 Mackay’s interest 

in the career move was as simple as one day, while watching the 
“Chandler Channel” with her husband, a job description came 
across the screen and he nudged her to apply. Admittedly, at 
first she was not interested but considered that they had a young 
daughter and commuting over an hour and half to work each way 
was not ideal. Reluctantly, however, she did submit an application 
at the last minute. 


 Four months later came that fateful phone 

call to schedule an interview and long story short – Mackay got her 
start at the City of Chandler as a research assistant.


What started as a research assistant role escalated as Mackay 
confidently moved up the ranks onto becoming an industrial 
office specialist, senior specialist and then finally director of the 
economic development department. 


 “It all started because I 

was more interested in building a community than just building 
wealth. I found it fascinating that we were building a city,” she 


 Anyone who has driven through Chandler recently or even 

just picked up a newspaper knows of the major national attention 
it has received for bringing on notable names including: Intel, 
Motorola, Orbital ATK, and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. 



“Our strategy consisted of capitalizing on workforce that was 
already there in surrounding areas as well as on those leading tech 
giants to bring in more now,” Mackay says. 


 But Mackay did not 

leave her expertise and skill set for Chandler only. Since 2014, she 
has been working to implement a similar strategy for Phoenix.