ommloan has undeniably revolutionized 
commercial lending, by creating a commercial 
mortgage lending technology platform that 
caters to the demand for efficiency, convenience 

and timeliness from today’s customers. 


 The company, 

which was conceptualized over two years ago, launched its 
innovative platform, CUPID, in early 2016. The platform 
allows commercial borrowers to be matched with the best 
loan to fit their unique needs.  




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Mitch Ginsberg, CEO of Commloan, came from a 
homogeneous residential lending background. When he 
learned about commercial lending, he found it was vastly 
more complicated and diverse. He believed there had to 
be a better option for a consumer to find the right loan 
without juggling all the different players in the field. 



“You have all different kind of banks, credit unions, Wall 
Street players, private lenders and insurance companies,” 
Ginsberg says. “Within that they’ve all got different 
programs and guidelines, as there is very little room 
for standardization. It’s unbelievably inefficient for the 
consumer and the cost keeps going up, because everyone 
wants a piece of the pie.” 


 At first, he thought that there 

had to be a reason it wasn’t done; that there were too many 
variables to maintain that kind of database. However, 
after further research, he paired with a development team 
and worked tumultuously for about a year and a half to 
develop the technology. Today, Commloan has closed an 
excess of 100 million in transactions. 

CUPID Platform

The platform itself, which stands for Commercial 
Underwriting Pricing Index Data, is essentially a cyber 
marketplace for commercial lending. Ginsberg saw 
that although there was a strong push on the sales side 
of the industry, the lending side had not embraced 
technology at all. 


 “I didn’t want to create another 

lead-generating marketplace, which isn’t in borrower’s 
best interest,” he says. “There had to be a platform out 
there that was borrower-centric.” 


 To obtain a loan, the 

borrower spends about 10 minutes filling out an online 
application and then are contacted by one of Commloan’s 
seasoned loan officers who discusses their needs and non-
negotiables. The system runs through all the algorithms 
and the borrower is matched with their three top lenders. 


 “The lenders don’t know this process is taking place, 

giving complete power to the borrower,” Ginsberg says. 
“We deliver a 95 percent loan accuracy, with a five percent 
intangible – but because we’re submitting to two-three 
lenders, if we lose one, the client is still going to get the 
best possible outcome.” 


 The process itself benefits both 

the borrower and the lender. The lenders encounter very 
little cost incurring the loan, and the borrower typically 
saves time and money because lenders know they are 


The company hopes to educate consumer behavior 
about the vast array of variables to consider. 



enormous value to have a lending expert walk them 
through the process,” Ginsberg says. “It’s as good as if 
they were sitting down with their favorite banker.” 



Although their average market niche ranges from between 
$1-$20 million, they have working on loans as high as  
$41 million. 




“I didn’t want to create another  

lead-generating marketplace, which 

isn’t in borrower’s best interest.  

There had to be a platform out there 

that was borrower-centric.”