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Perhaps the best way to describe the current work trend is with the word “space.” Although 
the trend Atmosphere is seeing is that tenants are using less space, they want more out of it. “We are 
increasingly working on real estate optimization and utilization services,” Avila says. 



prominent partner is Steelcase, the global leader in office furniture and furniture design. Steelcase brings 
technology to the forefront and provides a variety of touch points in clients’ workspace development 

This partnership points to the integration of technology as a burgeoning force in their business.

“We are seeing technology being incorporated into furniture,”

says Ryan J. Grote, Steelcase Business Manager at Atmosphere. “Sensors can track the utilization of 
space to make better real estate decisions, and Steelcase’s partnership with Microsoft points to the next 
chapter of creative spaces.” 

Other workplace solutions, which are changing business 
operations are Media:Scape, a collaboration and connection tool, 
which creates very fast ideation, generation and collaboration. And 
another, the QTPro sound-masking system, emits sound masking 
audio to create a more controlled and focused environment.  “You 
can turn it off [with your laptop] and the space gets so silent that 
you can hear a pin drop,” Arezzo says.

Time and energy efficiency is also an important element that 
Steelcase imbues into their designs. One such development 
is RoomWizard, a scheduling and process system for logging 
room usage to save time, energy, and productivity. In the real 
estate industry, they are starting to see this need in Property 
Management and tenant coordination. 


 “The Room Wizard 

technology integrates with the user’s internal network, so if you 
schedule a meeting in a particular room, you can walk up to that room and see that it’s available because 
it is color-coded green or red, and you can also see the day’s schedule on it,” Arezzo says. 


 For Grote, the 

motivation is straightforward: “Being a good corporate citizen is about increasing stewardship of energy 
and sustainability. Our purpose is to unlock human potential, and we are living our purpose every day.”

What’s Next? 

“Phoenix has incredible opportunity,” Arezzo says. “The metro Valley is 
attracting high-tech companies born in Silicon Valley, because of the lower 
cost of doing business and quality of the workforce.”

Arezzo is particularly excited at the prospects for expansion in the 
marketplace since the company transitioned to private ownership in 2015 
“We have been able to invest in and grow the business tremendously. With 
our senior management team now owning the business, we can engage with 
the community more effectively and build relationships as our own entity.”

With the continued disruption of the physical workplace, Atmosphere is 
poised to capitalize on their unique set of capabilities and competencies 
to deliver strong value offerings to not just their clients, but to those who 
influence the market, including architecture, design, and real estate. 

"The Room Wizard," a network  

integrated management system