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Sarah Stecko


Mandy Purcell

Executive Publisher

“In the future, there will  

be no female leaders.  

There will just be leaders.”


Every year at 

Commercial Executive 

Magazine we focus on the 

theme of what it means to 

be a powerful and inspirational 

woman. This year we’ve profiled a 

lineup of some of Phoenix’s sharpest, 

savviest and toughest female business 

leaders. They are CEOs, philanthropists and 

entrepreneurs – and they’re calling the shots 

in the state’s commercial real estate industry. 


 Speaking of leading females, Camila Bekat, 

Economic Director of Tucson, is administering 

incentives to attract new businesses and promote 

innovation in the city, so that the emerging leaders 

from the University of Arizona never have to stray 

far from home. 


 We also give you the inside look 

at companies that are looking to exceed the current 

standards for environmental sustainability. Take 

Sunflare for example, a startup that challenged itself 

to overcome the shortcomings of solar energy – and 



 Lastly, on Aug. 21, we’ll experience 

a solar eclipse but we’re not just talking about 

the one in the sky. MODUS Development and 

Caliber, the Wealth Development Company, 

will break ground on their circular housing 

development in Scottsdale named after the

moon’s phase: Eclipse luxury condos.   

This summer 
is red-hot and so 
is our cover of the 2017 
Women in Power! Although 
women may still be in the 
minority for high-level executives in 
commercial real estate, they are more 
satisfied with their career progression 
than they were a decade ago, according to 
a benchmark study conducted by the CREW 
Network in 2016. 


 A former “Women in 

Power” recipient of ours that recently earned 
a promotion illustrates this perfectly and she 
and her fellow female colleagues discuss their 
thoughts on where healthcare is heading in 
this issue to further follow the theme. 



the “Broker Team of the Month” we’re featuring 
also happens to include a leading lady, whom 
the other male team members have nothing but 
respect and admiration for. In fact, this CBRE 
team can’t imagine their life now without her! 


 Then, check out the other trailblazers who 

have led the way in our “Protégé Profiles” 
section, most notably, the great Frank 
Lloyd Wright and one of his Taliesin West 
apprentices, the renowned architect Vern 
Swaback, who is a legend in his own
right today.