Quick installation process and utility 
cost savings are major drivers for clients, 
but the biggest pull is the environmental 
benefits; solar power produces no greenhouse 
gases, reduces water pollution and is an energy source 
with no expiration date. Sunflare takes the sustainability 
factor to an even greater level as it requires less energy to 
manufacture and does not use toxic chemicals. 


 “It takes half 

the energy to produce in comparison to the traditional,” she says. 
“We don’t burn anything and use very little water.” 



when it is time to retire the panels, the company separates the laminate 
from the cells and recycles them.


With such easy installation, it comes to no surprise that the company is receiving a vast 
amount of demand. However, as each individual job is completely customized, they are having 
trouble keeping up. 



“All I can ask for is that our clients are patient,” Sanderson says.  

“We’re expanding our machinery and we’re going to have double the production capacity by the 
end of this year.”

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