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Final Thoughts

Although Flix Brewhouse is currently the only secured 
tenant, there has been a raving amount of interest.  
For Sellers, the most rewarding part is seeing how his 
work and the work of his team transforms an inactive 
area and brings it to life.  
“It’s neat being part of these projects because you can 
visit once the project is completed and learn how to 
make each project better,” Sellers says. “That, for me, is 
the most exciting.”
Sellers prides himself on being a developer that creates 
mixed-use projects that bring people together.

The project is expected to be at full occupancy and open 
for business in February 2018. 


The 77,000-square-foot space will offer a comfortable 
environment for restaurant patrons and shoppers alike, 
but it will also have an abundance of room for office 
space. The area will feature rigid vegetation around its 
perimeter and large overhangs to provide shade for the 
east-facing restaurants. 
Flix Brewhouse, their anchor tenant, is the first of its 
kind in Arizona, and Sellers plans on keeping that fresh 
and distinctive feeling throughout the development.  
“We’re not signing any tenants in there that are 
franchised,” Sellers says. “They’re more local, small 
tenant groups.” 
Sellers intends to bring life to the building, including 
creative lighting, extravagant murals and a large bridge, 
which will tower over the project’s entrance.  

" ...a developer that creates mixed-use projects that bring people together."