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Our vision started off in downtown Gilbert where we did a project called 
Heritage Marketplace,” Sellers says. “When you look at Chandler in comparison 
to downtown Gilbert, it’s much bigger, there’s more office, more multifamily 
and overall a lot more going on -- yet there hasn’t been that critical mass of the 
entertainment and food business yet.” 

The area itself offered a realm of potential for the city that was not being utilized by other 
“Downtown Chandler has high employment rates, excellent average household income and a high 
population within a 3-5-mile radius,” Sellers says. “They needed something there.”
LGE originally went after the project during an RFP, but were not selected. However, when the 
other group was given two years to execute and failed to do so, the City of Chandler offered the 
project to LGE, with a deadline of 90 days.
“It all happened really fast then. They wanted to see a secure tenant, a lease and a design within 90 
days,” he says. “We ended up signing Flix Brewhouse as our anchor tenant, completed the design 
and brought it to the council.”

Upon receiving the approval, the construction commenced in March.

LGE Design Build


had their sights on the area that is now dubbed 

Overstreet in Chandler for four years. Dave Sellers, President and CEO of LGE 
Design Build, envisioned an entertainment and restaurant centric district that 
would create a sense of community with synergy between the tenants.