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Also unique to HTA is a proprietary internally managed operations and leasing platform, which 
continues to outperform in the industry. The superior platform translates into client satisfaction and 
long-term impressive results for the company. “Our Arizona team manages and leases over 1.2 million 
square feet. With over 20 team members dedicated to the Arizona portfolio, we all work in harmony to 
capitalize on synergies and maximize expense efficiencies.  Additionally, we see the long term value in 
building lasting relationships, which leads to high tenant retention and rental rate growth throughout 
our portfolio,” says Bettina Hunt, Leasing Manager and Designated Broker for HTA’s Arizona portfolio. 

From L to R: 

 Kristen Armstrong, Bettina Hunt & Ann Atkinson 

Year-over-year HTA’s per-
formance demonstrates 
a leadership team 
committed to expansion 
in market share, stock 
valuation and corporate 
footprint. “We have 
grown relatively quickly,” 
Armstrong says. “We 
started in Phoenix 
with nine people and 
now have 75 in our 
Scottsdale headquarters. 
Nationwide, we have 
over 215 pro-fessionals 
at local and regional 
offices who are on the 
ground, understand 
their demographics and 
are in tune with what is 

happening in each of their 


 2016 was 

a particularly exciting 
year for the company as 
HTA invested more than 
$700 million in MOBs 
and raised more than $1 
billion in capital. From 
the capital expenditure 
and TI vantage point, 
HTA was a busy owner 
and landlord. “We 
injected over $40 million 
last year into various 
projects across the 
country,” Armstrong says. 
“This year we anticipate 
another busy year for 
tenant and capital 
improvement projects.”

For many companies, hav-
ing a large amount of prop-
erties across the nation 
could place strain on cap-
ital; however, HTA takes a 
disciplined view. “We are 
long-term investors so we 
allocate our resources to the 
tenants who have changing 
needs.  As an example, even 
though our Desert Ridge 
MOB’s are 100% occupied, 
we were creative in recon-
figuring a common area 
corridor to accommodate 
a Tenant’s expansion.   We 
implemented the same leas-
ing strategy at our Estrella 
Medical Center MOB, which 
has led to the success of 

tenant retention and a 95% 
occupancy rate.” Hunt says. 


 One of the core tenets of 

HTA is they focus on a spe-
cific niche of MOBs. “We 
invest in MOBs aligned with 
health systems, academic 
medical centers, and top 
physician groups,” Atkinson 
says. “These sophisticated 
health providers value a real 
estate partner that is dedi-
cated to the sector and who 
understands the nuances of 
medical office. This value 
is evident when health pro-
viders approach us about 
expanding our relationship 
by the potential sale of their 
real estate to HTA.”