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If there is one word to describe what investors are looking for in a 
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), it is predictability. Sound financial 
metrics and delivery on objectives are paramount. It would be difficult 
to find a more consistent publically traded REIT in the marketplace  

than Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. (“HTA”).

“We have consistently returned over 10 percent on an annual basis to 

shareholders since inception,” says Ann Atkinson, SVP - Acquisitions and 

a 2015 Commercial Executive Magazine “Women in Power” recipient.


ith 17.7 million square feet of gross leasable area in their portfolio, HTA 
has a presence in 31 states. “We are the largest dedicated medical 
office building (MOB) owner in the U.S.,” says Kristen Armstrong, 
Director – Capital & Tenant Improvements. “Our message has 

been a consistent ‘shareholder first philosophy’ since the Company’s 
inception and we have a proven track record in the industry.” 



Since 2006, under the leadership of HTA’s CEO, Chairman 
and founder Scott D. Peters, HTA has invested over $4.2 
billion in MOB and healthcare real estate assets. 
The company listed its shares on the New York 
Stock Exchange (NYSE: HTA) on June 12, 
2012 and has repeatedly produced 
solid performance from an 
operational and financial 



Because of the organ- 


ization’s dedication to the 

MOB sector, the company has 

been successful acquiring properties 

and expanding its best-in-class platform in 

the nation’s top markets. “We invest in 15-20 key 

gateway markets, including Boston, Raleigh, Phoenix, 

and Dallas, which have the most compelling demographic 

and growth profiles, coupled with a strong presence by leading 

healthcare institutions,” Atkinson says. 

Congrats to  

Ann Atkinson on  

her promotion to  

Senior Vice President  

of Acquisitions 

on April 26!