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Roofing Southwest doesn’t just invest in new technologies, though. It also gives back 
to the community in a multitude of ways.


The company’s philanthropic efforts range from stocking a food pantry to paying for 
employees to serve at food banks for a day. 

The father and son are also focused on making sure the Roofing Southwest community 
is taken care of, which is why the company makes use of profit-sharing and bonus 

Thanks to the efforts of its owners – from a dedication to quality building and new 
technologies to an emphasis on community mindedness – Roofing Southwest is not 
just known for making solid, trustworthy roofs but for establishing a great foundation 
for growth as well.

The company also embraces new technologies as it serves its clients, utilizing everything 
from low rise foam adhesive instead of hot asphalt to drones, thermal scans and vector 
mapping technology.

“Aerial drone technology with FAA Part 107, which is a special pilot’s license, has given 
us the ability to give customers progress pictures, full investigations, 4K video five feet 
above the roofline through a drone, which can then be uploaded to a portal and sent to 
them within 10 minutes [anywhere in the world],” RJ says.