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 With the strengths of both, along 

with the rest of their team, Goff and Canter are doing quite 
well across the board in multifamily. The team does not 
pigeon hole itself into any one niche, and prefers to take 
on a variety of projects, from Class C properties in the West 
Valley to Class A in Scottsdale. 


 The team recently sold 

the Tierra del Sol property in Mesa near Fiesta Mall for 
more than $31 million, or over $112,000 per door, which 
is high for that submarket. 


 ARA Newmark also has a 

274-unit property under contract in the West Valley. The 
project has not had any recent renovations and is really a 
blank canvas for light renovations or larger upgrades that 
could increase rents. The area has very low vacancy rates 
and the rents in the area have room to grow.


 Canter’s vision of the future speaks 

volumes about his relationship with Goff and love for his 
job. In five years, he hopes to be doing exactly what he is 
doing now with the same team, albeit on a larger scale. 



“I want to be doing what I am doing now,” Canter says. “I 
am confident we’ll get more market share through hard 
work and over-delivering to our clients.” 


 Canter is also 

interested in potentially bringing in a younger member to 
the team in the future. Will that give Canter the chance to 
become a mentor himself? If history is any indication, the 
answer is yes. 

Though the quick transition was tough, he was able to 
succeed in part due to Goff’s thoughtful guidance. 



is just a great leader,” Canter says. “He’s a man of integrity, 
really cares about everyone in the office, and manages by 
doing. You respect him so much that you want to do well 
– not just for yourself, but for the team.” 


 And Canter 

has done well, even when the going has gotten tough. 



In his first deal, a 125-unit property in Glendale, the seller 
had to submit a signed document by 5 p.m. that day, and 
Canter received a call at 4:15 p.m. from the seller saying 
he was having problems with his scanner. With the deal on 
the line, Canter rushed from his office in The Esplanade to 
Glendale, and submitted the paperwork with minutes to 


 That drive is just one strength Canter brings to 

the team. He also brings an eagerness to learn from Goff 
and the knowledge he’s gained from years in the field.





Over communicate. That simple principle can do 
wonders relationships, whether it is with clients or even 
personal life. That’s why Canter and Goff hold at least 
one marketing call per week with clients to this day.

Pool Extension at Tierra del Sol in Mesa, AZ


“Chris has been a huge 

benefit for our team. He brings 
a fresh approach to not only the 
process, but also many of the long-
time clients in the industry. He has 
been hugely successful at the art 
of ‘old school’ brokerage of being 
creative and selectively matching 
buyers, properties and sellers.”