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Broker Team of the 


From the start of the interview, it’s obvious this team is 
like a family. Each member complements the other, and 
like any family, they’ve been through it all. 


 “I could 

not imagine coming to the office every day without these 
four people,” Abraham says. “Everyone brings something 
different to the table, and we constantly feed off each other’s 
energy and work ethic.” 


 The team’s expertise is as diverse 

as it gets. Young, for example, began as a CPA. 



a former sales director known for his experience in asset 
positioning and marketing, has worked with Young for 31 years. 
He credits Young as one of his mentors. 


 “Bob’s all about 

the numbers,” Smigiel says. “He creates value for our clients 
in ways they never thought were possible.” 


 Both Brabant 

and Abraham are the team’s legal duo. They both started their 
careers as attorneys. 


 “We leave all the legal stuff to Steve 

and Rick,” Young says. “They’re instrumental in reviewing 
contracts and helping to negotiate the purchase and sale 
agreement. That’s just not something that your typical broker 
might know how to do.” 


 McFarlane is the newest member 

of the team, joining in 2014 as a client service specialist. 



“Marian’s the glue that holds us all together,” Smigiel says. 
“She consistently sets the bar higher for our team’s marketing, 
and we couldn’t be luckier to have her on our team.” 



other duties, McFarlane provides marketing support for all 
the team’s listings and ensures the transaction process is as 
seamless as possible for the client. 


 “We’re all so different 

yet so alike when it comes to our work ethics,” she adds.  
“It was an instant fit when I joined almost three years ago.  
Our personalities just mesh perfectly.”



“One of the biggest challenges we face as a team is picking the 
right buyer for a property,” Abraham says. “It’s not always the 
highest bidder, so we try our best to handicap our buyers and 
advise our clients as much as we can.” 


 For Brabant, though, 

one of the biggest misconceptions about commercial real 
estate is that it’s only about what you can see. 


 “We don’t say 

enough how much of this business is actually psychological,” 
he says. “Part of how we deal with our clients is getting them 
in the right state of mind so they can better understand the 
real pricing economics — that’s an art form.” 


 As the team 

looks to the future and beyond, they’re not resting on their 
laurels. They’re too wise for that. As the Phoenix office market 
continues to strengthen, they know that the next big deal won’t 
just come to them. 


 “We’ve been fortunate enough to close 

on some historic transactions in the past, but this business 
isn’t only about the numbers,” Abraham says. “It’s about the 
people we meet and the relationships we make and the stories 
we can later tell – that’s what makes it all worth it.”

 “We’ve been 

fortunate enough 

to close on 

some historic 

transactions in 

the past, but this 

business isn’t 

only about the 


Abraham says.