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Women in 



The development arm of Mortenson sees Phoenix as the right place for development opportunities 
and has three projects in the active pipeline and six more being assessed. 


 One of those projects 

will be at Polk & Central where the team is developing a 20-story multifamily project behind the 
Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown Phoenix. The expected groundbreaking is January 2018. 



Equally on her radar are two initiatives that she is helping to drive company-wide. “We are working 
on a commercial corporate asset optimization service line for clients,” she says. 


 The second task 

is the restructuring of the company’s strategic marketing efforts. “The emphasis at Mortenson 
has historically been about RFP responses to generate business,” she says. “We want to diversify 
beyond that model and balance it with one that emphasizes putting more deals together with our 
teams doing the upfront work. We are finding sites that meet our client’s business objectives and 
then developing and constructing the facilities.”


As for the future, Carr wants to continue 
to expand Mortenson’s service lines as 
well as client base through successful 
delivery of the company’s upcoming 
projects and initiatives. “In areas such 
as real estate optimization, we can 
change the way our clients maximize 
their physical assets, freeing capital for 
other objectives,” she says. 



the line, Carr has a different purpose 


in mind. “Eventually I would like to 
be more directly involved in public 
service, perhaps Scottsdale City Council, 
maybe even Mayor,” she says. “I think 
I could serve the public well with my 


diverse experience.”


Many of the leadership and business 

lessons Carr has garnered come from her 

interactions with peers and mentors 

alike, such as Mortenson’s Bob Nartonis.  

“I consider Bob my ‘career sponsor,’” she 

says. “We aligned philosophically right 

away and I have learned an incredible 
amount over the last two years.” 



all of the insights and expertise are 
finding their way to the next generation 

of CRE leaders with her two-fold but 

straight-forward advice:


Success at the professional level has carried 

over to Carr’s involvement in the community where 

she has served multiple Boards and Committees. From 

the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Women’s Leadership 

Initiative, NAIOP Arizona, Arizona Association of Economic 

Development (AAED) to the Greater Phoenix Economic 

Council (GPEC), Scottsdale Cultural Council and The Business 

Development Guild, Carr has served in leadership roles within 
these organizations for more than 15 years. 


 Another cause 

close to her heart is working to move the industry in the direction 

of a more inclusive and diverse culture. “We need to think 

beyond the trade schools and focus on getting engineering, 

development, architecture and construction education to 

K-12,” she says. “This will be the only long-term solution 

to increasing diversity in our workforce. A short-term 

bridge can be created by more companies looking 

for the behaviors and skills in candidates 

rather than focusing exclusively on 

technical experience.”

The Carr Family

1. Always understand  

the objective. 



2. Work hard to shed  

your biases.