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Women in 


“God has blessed 
me, so far, with good 
experiences and I am 
truly thankful. This and 
hard work has allowed 
me to overcome most 
challenges that come 
with this industry.”


Upon graduating from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in political science 
and initially wanting to practice law, Clary found herself enjoying a summer job assisting 
a developer instead. 


 “I truly believe that it was fate. I started working on retail shopping 

centers along with master-planned communities for a prominent developer and just kept 
going,” she says. “I enjoy the challenges as well as the rewards that this industry brings.” 


 Clary recalls her first project was working on a five-star hotel in the outskirts of Toronto. 

She was asked to look at the floor plans that were designed by the architect and comment 
on them. 


 “They seemed to like my vision and recommendations,” she says. 


And when 

Clary moved to Arizona in 2000, she devoted her efforts to introducing new concepts that are 
different from an architectural standpoint and that add to the character of the neighborhoods 
that they are located in. 


 The 25+ year industry veteran founded Catclar in 2003 and made 

her mark in Arizona with luxury townhomes and lofts that personify a very  distinct look 
with practical floor plans and functionality. Its signature strategy is to tailor the projects to 
those who are seeking a lock and leave community with low maintenance and  energy star 


 “I am proud of all my projects and I strive to build sustainable communities that 

are well built and will withstand the test of time.”


Sure, Clary’s focus on enhancing communities is high on her 
list, but what is equally important, if not more, is the time 
spent with her family. 


 “I believe in balance. I believe in giving 

back and teaching my children to be grateful, recognize the 
importance of charity, and learn how to help make the world 
a better place,” she says. 


 And when Commercial Executive 

Magazine Publisher, Mandy Purcell approached Clary to be 
her Co-Chair for this year’s Teen Lifeline “Connections of 
Hope” fundraising event, she couldn’t think of a better cause 
to help others, especially youth, overcome internal obstacles. 


 “This is truly very important to me as I have teenagers and 

know how critical this stage [in their life] is. The opportunity 
to help this great cause is truly a gift from God,” Clary says.


Coming up next, Catclar Investments is embarking 
on a new field: senior living communities. Fatefully, 
it also happens to be a sector she had been involved 
in at the start of her career. 


 “We have formed 

a great team of experts in both the development 
industry and the senior living field. We want to build 
communities that are cutting-edge, innovative and, 
most importantly ones that take care of our seniors,” 
Clary says. 


 It’s no coincidence this “Woman in 

Power” is going back to her roots in this aspect, and 
her success will surely not come as a surprise to 
anyone in the CRE industry of the Valley.  

The Clary Family