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Women in 


“Irene is an impressive 

& accomplished 

businesswoman whose 

real estate development 

projects have improved 

not only our Scottsdale 

community but also 

other Valley cities.  


On a personal level,  

she rises to the top 

of the list of people I 

admire for her caring 

& positive demeanor 

as well as her overall 

expertise in her field.”


rom what began as a part-time job in order 

to pay for law school, eventually turned in to 

her own land development and acquisition 

company: Catclar Investments. The name 

was derived from her maiden name, 

Catsibris, which was shortened to “Cat” 

plus her married name, Clary, to “Clar.” The company’s 
offerings include urban luxury townhomes and enviable 
commercial developments in the East Valley, Phoenix 
Metro and Tempe. Its radiant projects in Arizona include 
SOHO Scottsdale, Rosedale Residences, and 421 West 
6th Street, located in heart of Tempe.

The 24-urban luxury townhomes in Tempe are within walking distance to 
The Historic Mill Avenue District. The urban townhomes enjoy access to 
Arizona State University facilities, the light rail, and of course, plenty of 
shopping and dining within walking distance. 


 This latest project embodies 

perfectly the environmentally friendly mission of Catclar in having ENERGY 
STAR® energy-efficient appliances, low-e windows, and superior insulation 
for both efficiency and privacy. 


 SOHO Scottsdale is a cutting-edge live/

work community that sets the bar for innovation, sustainability and out-
of-the-box thinking. 


 Although Catclar’s main focus is land acquisition, 

planning, and development of residential and commercial projects – now, a 
retirement community is in the works. What really sets Catclar apart from 
the rest is its heart and desire to help the community in more ways than one. 




Scottsdale Vice Mayor