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Women in 





Since joining the team, Lombard has focused on 
implementing the organization’s three-year strategic 
plan that includes Valley Partnership’s three-legged 
stool of advocacy, networking and philanthropy. She 
has also managed the organization’s June 1 move to 
a new office on North Tatum Boulevard in Phoenix. 



On the advocacy front, Lombard has focused on a range 
of issues including the Government Property Lease Excise 
Tax (GPLET), community facilities district legislation, 
and budget issues dealing with university bonding. 



On that note of responsible development, Lombard is 
also working on issues including education funding, tax 
policies and water issues as a member of the Governor’s 
Water Augmentation Council. 


 Networking: Those 

successful projects would not have been possible without 
Lombard’s unmatched rolodex. The organization’s 
tenacious focus on networking has given it the contacts 
and resources necessary. 


 “It’s not the volume – it’s the 

impact,” says Lombard in reference to the organization’s 


 The organization has maximized that impact by 

attracting top-notch speakers to its breakfast series. One 
of Lombard’s most memorable early successes is when 
the organization secured Sens. Jeff Flake, Jon Kyl and 
John McCain as speakers in back-to-back weeks.



Advocacy is obviously a major part of Valley Partnership’s 
mission, but the organization is also focused – under 
Lombard’s guidance – on finding its own niche within 
the advocacy community. 


 What sets Valley Partnership 

apart is its focus on working with cities to help them 
reach their development goals. For instance, Valley 
Partnership recently worked with Goodyear, SRP and 
other participants to deal with water issues. Lombard is 
also working to help develop a unified development vision 
amongst cities in the Valley. 


 “From a developer’s point 

of view, they need that consistency,” Lombard says. 



That consistency will result in responsible development 
well into the future. That is why Valley Partnership is 
focused on transportation issues related to Interstate-11 
and State Routes 30 and 32 that will affect development 
in the years to come.


While Lombard has created serious change within 
Valley Partnership, she also recognizes that if it is not 
broken, don’t fix it. That is true when it comes to the 
signature charitable effort, the Community Project. 



“What amazed me was the heart of the industry,” she 
says. “The amount of dollars and time industry put into  

[the 2016 Community Project] was amazing.” 



This year will be extra special because it is its 30



project. The organization has also implemented some 
minor tweaks to the program, such as making a year-long 
commitment to the nonprofit selected as the recipient 
of the project, rather than just a handful of months.  
It was announced at the monthly breakfast series on  
June 16 that The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Phoenix  
has been voted as this year’s Community Project to take  
place on November 4. 



Lombard also takes community service seriously in her 
own life. Despite her hectic schedule, she has volunteered 
with New Pathways for Youth (a past Community Project 
finalist) to mentor a local high school student. 



made a year-long commitment and went through extensive 
training to participate. She now speaks and meets with 
her mentee at least once a week and attends monthly 
workshops. The goal of the mentorship is to identify the 
student’s education goals and help them achieve them. 



“[Mentoring is] something I’ve wanted to do my entire 
life,” Lombard says. In fact, she points to volunteering 
as something that provides her some relaxation from her 
day job. 


 When she’s not mentoring, Lombard focuses 

on her other form of relaxation – spending time with her 
dogs. She recently adopted a Labradoodle rescue that is 
keeping her plenty busy in her downtime. 



for Youth could not have found a better mentor for that 
student, who will undoubtedly learn what it means to be 
a “Woman in Power.” Everywhere Lombard goes – from 
Congress to Valley Partnership – she exemplifies what 
it means to be a hardworking, successful professional 
affecting real change in the community.