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Women in 



he commercial real estate and development community 
can have a reputation as a bit of a “boys club,” yet when 
Valley Partnership sought out new leadership to boost the 
organization’s advocacy, it found the best “man” for the job to 
be a woman: Cheryl Lombard.

Lombard came onboard Valley Partnership around two years ago as President and CEO, and already the early 
returns are overwhelmingly positive. The former attorney brought a wealth of experience to the job from her 
years as a legislative aid, public affairs professional, and nonprofit advocate.

The politics fanatic previously worked for Congressman Howard McKeon of California and Congressman Cliff 
Stearns of Florida. Furthermore, Lombard has also worked for a political law firm and as Director of Public 
Affairs for Davies Communications. 


 While that resume speaks volumes for itself, she will admit there was 

a bit of a learning curve when she first came on the job as she learned more about the synergy that exists 
between the developers and the community of businesses that supports them. 


 Her previous positions gave 

Lombard extensive experience working on the on the entitlements and legal side of development, but her role 
at Valley Partnership has given her the opportunity to learn more about the financial side. 


 “We have such 

a broad membership,” she says. “Our mission is about representing all of them and figuring out responsible 
development for [the entire community].” 


 If Valley Partnership’s successes in 2016 and early 2017 are any 

indication, Lombard has learned quickly and well.

We have such a broad 
membership. Our mission 
is about representing all 
of them and figuring out 
responsible development 
for [the entire community].”