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Women in 



It is through Orcutt’s network of professional associations where she has not only received life lessons, 
but is now offering them. “I am 100 percent willing to take a coffee or lunch to help someone starting 
out,” she says. “It is important to have a network of support.” 


 Much of that personal and professional 

interaction is from several organizations in which she participates: SIOR, active Member; President of 
AZCrew, and one of only four women on the national CREW nominating committee; ULI’s Partnership 
Forum; NAIOP; and Commercial One. One of our 2017 “Women in Power” recipients, Judi Butterworth, 
runs Commercial One as a tight-knit group for accomplished women in varying fields to all gain unique 
perspectives and contacts. 


 Her work and time paid to these organizations is due in no small part to 

the commitment toward women advancing in their chosen careers. “10 years ago, I definitely had 
to work harder to prove myself in the business as a woman,” she says. “There is less gender bias now,  
but it is still challenging.”


Coming back full circle, Orcutt was recently retained 
to market and sell 10 Chandler. “This is a capital 
market sale and our team won the listing,” she says. 


 As Orcutt’s career has evolved, so has CBRE’s 

position in the marketplace. “This organization 
is a decade ahead of its competitors,” she says. 
“Technology, communications and management 
are providing us enormous opportunities in the 


 This competitive edge, along with 

Orcutt’s wealth of industry expertise, has allowed 
her to work and continue to work with seven of 
the eight largest and most prominent owners of 
institutional industrial product in Phoenix. 


A mother of three children under five, Orcutt 
continues to hone the work/life balance equation. 
“It is important for me to stay mentally and 
physically fit,” she says. “My husband and I have a 
great system in place, and we are both supportive 
of one another’s busy schedules.” 


 When she’s 

not working or taking much needed time off for 
a relaxing getaway, Orcutt continues to develop 
her knowledge of the capital markets side of the 
business.  “It’s imperative to know the perspectives 
of your clients; many of whom are juggling 
management and acquisition roles.”  She noted, 
“As commercial real estate companies merge and 
grow, brokers need to be able to provide additional 
resources and perspectives to stay relevant.” 



In one decade, Orcutt has risen to be a prominent 
face of the Greater Phoenix industrial CRE 
landscape. What will the next decade hold?


Orcutt’s work ethic certainly came at some level 
from her mother, Cathy Teeter, Director, Regional 
Sales Management, CBRE’s Southwest Region. 
“She has always been an inspiration,” Orcutt says. 
“She set the tone. I learned from her at an early age 
that you can do it all, but you have to have a plan 
in place, and take the time to figure it out.” 



dedication has carried over to her trade where she 
defines herself by the effort and passion she brings 
to the table. “You have to find the fire within you 
and make it your own,” she says. 


 To those coming 

into the industry, the advice is the same. “You have 
to buckle down and do the work – nothing will be 
handed to you,” she says. “Every day I go up against 
200 industrial brokers all competing for the same 
business, so I need to know my information.”