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Women in 









“I’ve enjoyed watching Jami grow professionally into a very 

driven, successful broker. She’s passionate about what she does. 

I’m proud to call her a great friend and look forward to watching 

her continue to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to.”

– CHUCK GIBSON, SRS Real Estate Partners


avage-Gray’s interest in commercial real estate didn’t 
take shape until her last year at the University of 

Arizona and realized a career in finance didn’t excite her. 
She went out on a limb and accepted an internship with 
a local brokerage and began working toward obtaining 
her real estate license. In January 2008, Savage-Gray 
found her niche in retail at De Rito Partners. 



then, Savage-Gray spent several years at SRS Real 
Estate Partners before being recruited to CBRE as 
part of the firm’s efforts to expand its retail expertise. 
From mom and pop boutique owners to quick service 
restaurant operators, Savage-Gray has helped countless 
entrepreneurs find their space in the Phoenix market. 


 “Some of my clients are first-time operators so I feel 

it’s really crucial to make sure that first store hits it out 
of the park so they can eventually pursue their dreams 
of opening more locations,” says Savage-Gray. “There’s 
nothing more rewarding than watching business owners 
open the doors to their businesses after helping them find 
the perfect location.” 


 Additionally, Jami works with a 

variety of corporate clients across the U.S. and Canada. 
Early in her career, she fostered a relationship with a 

Phoenix-headquartered moving equipment and storage 
rental giant. Now, she’s the lead for that company’s 
real estate strategy and transaction management needs 
for U.S. and Canada locations. She’s also helped other 
notable operators, including Conn’s, Shake Shack, 
Living Spaces and Arizona General Hospital penetrate 
the Arizona market. 


 Today, Savage-Gray is one of 9 

female brokers at CBRE’s Phoenix office, where she and 
her business partner, Todd Folger, are equal partners. 
Savage-Gray says she feels fortunate to have a business 
partner who never once called into question her abilities 
based on her age. 


 In fact, she says, whenever Todd 

is asked about why their partnership is successful, he 
always quotes Al Pacino from The Recruit, when he 
says, “You gotta give me one thing: I’m a scary judge of 


 “Maybe in the past there were only one or two 

women in the room, but that’s just not the case anymore 
– at least not at CBRE. CBRE has made a strong effort 
to create a diversified workforce inclusive of women,” 
Savage-Gray says. “I’ve always been treated with the 
utmost respect from my male colleagues and clients, 
some of which have become wonderful mentors to me.”


Throughout her 
career, Savage-Gray 
has been inspired 
by several local 
retail trailblazers 
starting in her early 
years with Judi 
Butterworth and 
later on finding 
strong mentorship 
from Chuck Gibson 
and Ed Beeh, who 
introduced her to 




“Bigger is better”  
is no longer the 
mindset for many  
retail tenants. 
Instead, Savage-
Gray says some 
retailers are more 
focused on creative 
spaces that offer 
consumers a more 
personalized and 
intimate shopping 



Outside of work, Savage-Gray is closely involved  
with several charitable organizations. She is currently  
co-chairing Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Beach Ball, 
the hospital’s signature event that draws nearly 1,000 
attendees annually in an effort to raise money for 
hospital programs. The spring 2018 event will mark its 


 year running and funds raised will help to expand 

the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the hospital. 
In her free time, her and her husband spend their time 
traveling and skiing. 



“Keep your head down, work hard and surround yourself 
with talented people. You're the only one that can dictate 
your success.”