A New World

Despite all that success, Butterworth was not insulated from the economic slowdowns and recessions that affected 
the whole industry. In fact, during the early 1990s, she left brokerage to work for a consulting company.  During 
that time, she was able to learn about corporate politics and has used what she learned to be a better broker. 



Later coming back to the industry, she found a new world and it took her several months to become acclimated to a 
landscape now dominated by power centers and big boxes. 


 But she did adapt and is now an extremely decorated 

member of the CRE community with accolades that include being named NAIOP-Arizona “Broker of the Year” and 
multiple Co-Star Power Broker designations.


It’s easy to be distracted by Butterworth’s long list of professional achievements, but the truth is she is equally engaged 
off the clock when she gives back to multiple charities and spends time with her husband Ed Phillips and son Andrew. 



One of Butterworth’s driving passions is promoting women in business and real estate and helping them succeed. She 
is one of the trail blazers for professional women in the Valley and is guiding the next generation. Over the years, she 
has met with literally hundreds of young women and men who are considering entering the industry. 


 Her passions 

are evident most in her extensive list of accolades, which includes being an Athena Finalist in the Private Sector 
Category. She is a founding member of Executive Business & Professional Women’s Club and also Arizona Women 
in Commercial Real Estate. She also started Commercial One, an invitation-only group of women professionals who 
support each other both professionally and personally. She began volunteering for Arizona Women’s Education and 
Employment in the mid-80s and created one 
of their signature events, Cocktails & Clothes, 
which continues today. 


 Butterworth is most 

passionate about helping those struggling 
with addiction via Phoenix Rescue Mission’s 
Changing Life Center. Currently, she is visiting 
the Maricopa County Jail weekly to work with 
women inmates who will be discharged soon. 
She is finding that most of the women are in 
the jail system due to addiction issues. Leaving 
the jail to go home makes her an incredibly 
grateful person.

“My life today is joyful;  

it’s wonderful,” she says.


So what keeps Butterworth motivated to come 
to the office after so many years of success? 
Simply, she loves her job. 


 “I’m a deal junkie,” 

Butterworth says. “The money is great, but I 
want to get a buyer and seller together, close the 
deal, and make sure that everyone is happy.” 



And that’s what made ORION such a good fit 
for the next step in her career when she met 
with President Ari Spiro and made the move 
to the company last year. She was also very 
interested pursuing more investment sales. 



If it seems like Butterworth is moving at 100 
mph that is because she is. 


 In addition to 

her work and charitable concerns, she has an 
outline for a book detailing how she was able 
to turn being “unique” in an industry into a 
very successful career.   For instance, instead 
of playing golf, she got involved in politics 
and being on several city commissions. 



Now that is a story worth telling.

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