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Biagioli reiterates that while the 
initial impact of e-commerce sent a 
shock through the industry, many 
consumers still want stores as 

destinations. /// “It seems like now a 
lot of retail is destination retail. A lot 
of newer retail include boutiques and 
eating experiences because you can’t 
give people that same experience 
on their computers,” Biagioli says. 
/// Realizing that not everything 
can be accomplished online, Kroot 
& Associates will soon also be 
dabbling in its own retail venture 
with a hot yoga studio to be named 
“radi8” already in the works at the 
shopping center at 40th Street and 
Indian School Road, just down the 
street from their “vintage” office. 
With Biagioli as the yoga instructor, 
the 2,400-square-foot space will 
open its doors in March/April. ///  
The team is wasting no time in making 
their name known in the market, 
welcoming new openings for Bassett 
Home Furnishings in Kierland and 
Ahipoki Bowl, a hot new fast-casual 
restaurant that will be in located in 

The Wedge development in Tempe. 
/// The Wedge is a solid example 
of the way creativity and design is 
driving the retail market, as Kroot 
describes the trend of how landlords 
and developers are spending more on 
inspired architecture in order to draw 
consumers to a space. /// As Kroot 
and his team establish themselves 
in a growing market, he’s taking the 
long view, envisioning a company 
that that will not only be successful, 
but possible become a legacy within 
his own family and the Arizona 
commercial market.  

Creative retail 

means looking at 

the market with  

an open mind,  

and finding  

properties that  

can be repurposed 

or redeveloped.

Kroot’s experience runs the gamut in the 

retail space, including having worked 

with Starbucks on the development 

side for nearly a decade, with the next 

location about to go under construction 

on the corner of Cave Creek and Bell 

roads in Phoenix. And he’s hoping the 

relationships he’s made within this 

market will welcome his new team 

just as rapidly.




But Kroot and recent 

additions, Christina Biagioli and 

Lindsay Fox are facing a challenging 

retail market that needs to maintain 

relevance in the face of a rising 

e-commerce tide.




“I believe the 

retail industry is still vibrant, 

and it will always be that way,” 

Kroot says. Due to e-commerce 

growing as it is, however, 

developers have to be creative 

with their retail space versus 

simply posting up another 

shopping center.