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The location of Scottsdale AutoShow sits amidst some of the 
finest properties in the Easy Valley including: the Talking 
Stick Resort, golf and entertainment complex, Casino 
Arizona and the spring training residences of the Arizona 
Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies at the Salt River 
Fields at Talking Stick. 


 “The corner of the 101 and Indian 

School Road represents one of the highest traffic areas 
in the state, so it wasn’t a difficult decision on our part,” 
Mullin says. 


 There are 10 multi-sized parcels designed 

on 65 of the 70-acre site and the parcels are currently under 
construction. The dealership diagram shows that 18 acres 
of Parcel 1 will be home to Jeep, Ram, Dodge and Chrysler; 
Parcel 2 is leased to Volkswagen; Parcel 4 has Ford; and 
Parcel 5 will display Volvo. 


 Chapman Automotive Group 

has confidentally invested $60 million in leasing throughout 

this project. The Group is anchoring the largest section, 
Parcel 1, which is set to move its existing brands Jeep, Ram, 
Dodge and Chrysler, currently located at McDowell Road. 
Parcel 2, also leased by Chapman, will house the relocated 
McDowell Road Volkswagen franchise. Parcel 4, the 


second largest parcel, has been leased by a Ford dealership,  
and Parcel 5 houses a new Volvo vendor. The five remaining  
lots are available. 





The project’s groundbreaking took place in December 
of 2015, and with the careful planning and executional 
expertise from Mullin360 and partner SRPMIC, it has been 
delivered right on schedule. 


 “The freeway sign is up 

and running, the roadways, lighting and landscaping are 
completed, and a beta test has recently been done,” Mullin 


 As if the project wasn’t unique enough already, it 

uses a Mullin360 leasing structure. “We pioneered ‘single-
pay’ and have been using it for this project,” he says. 



concept allows lessees the option to prepay their 65-year 
land lease in a one-time upfront payment. “It was part of 
the planning process that it would be critical to the project 
because then we were able to accelerate the interest of 
dealers who want to control their lease and not worry about 
escalations and adjustments over the long-term,” he says.



The infrastructure of the park also brings important differentiators for dealers and consumers 
that prove care was put into the details. “We have increased the rubber content of the roads to 
make them smoother,” Mullin says. “The roads also have undulation in strategic places where the 
roads are raised 34 inches to allow customers to see vehicles more clearly.” 


 Dealerships also 

have the assist of reduced setbacks on the lots, again as a means to improve the buyer experience. 
“The setbacks [of the AutoShow] are 12 feet from the road, not the 20 or 40 feet that’s considered 
standard,” he says. 


 The Scottsdale AutoShow is well on its way to become another prime 

development in what is already one of the premier commercial real estate locations in the Valley. 


 “Being in the land development business for decades, I can honestly say I know this is one of the 

highest exposure sites and the [auto] dealers are excited to be here,” Mullin says.