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“This investment in behavioral health is  

indicative & consistent with our vision for the 

future. Behavioral health is an underserved  

need in the community.”




   Banner will continue to invest in new construction such as the Scottsdale behavioral health hospital, 

but also distribute dollars toward expanding and improving existing facilities as it has done infill and renovation at 
Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center in Sun City West/Surprise and Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale. 


 Facilitating the ongoing expansion of their ecosystem depends on strict control of their capital and utilizing 

a variety of means to raise funds. “We work hard to maintain our margin, because that is a 

primary source for dollars,” Edwards says. “We also have philanthropy 

through the Banner Foundation, as well as tax-free 

bond financing mechanisms.” 



immediate focus is on serving 
their existing markets rather 
than infiltrating new states. 
“When completed, Banner 
Behavioral Health Hospital in 
Scottsdale will be the nicest 
behavioral facility in the 
Valley – if not one of the best 
in the country,” Edwards says.


 Of course, the hospital’s main goal is to help patients get well and their 

main concern is patient safety. “The No. 1 priority here is keeping our 
patients safe,” Beutin says. “There are a lot of different design elements from 
fixtures and doors and other features that were all chosen intentionally with 
safety in mind.” 


 Beutin notes that one of the challenges in constructing 

a behavioral facility is the capital spend. “Because of this strong need to 
ensure that patients cannot harm themselves, cost elements are far greater 
than a traditional hospital. 


 In 2017, the expectation is for three of the 

eventual four units in the hospital to come on-line with the fourth unit set 
for 2018. “We will ultimately have about 120 new employees with 90 of 
them being hired in 2017,” Beutin says.