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On the continuum of care, comprehensive wellness 
services across all demographics is a critical component. 
Emphasizing this pledge to provide diverse healthcare 
offerings, an extremely large investment is in the works 
at the Banner Behavioral Health Hospital located at 
7575 E. Earll Dr. in Scottsdale. 


 “We needed to expand 

to serve the community,” says Brian Beutin, CEO of 
Banner Behavioral Health. “We have been at 95 percent 
occupancy for the last several years.” 


 The expansion 

to the existing campus will result in a double “X”-shaped 

design where future patients will enjoy more recreational 
activities and socialize in the “core area” or even outdoors, 
while receiving the treatment they need and being ensured 
safety and privacy. When completed in summer, the 
facility will have all private rooms with en suites totaling 
156 beds for the whole campus. 


 “This investment in 

behavioral health is indicative and consistent with our 
vision for the future,” Edwards says. “Behavioral health is 
an underserved need in the community and it is the right 
thing to do.”

Each patient will have a private room 

with a window and top safety features.

Future Nurses Station

The window “flaps” were not only designed for 

aesthetics but with patient privacy in mind.