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Still at CBRE, Murney claimed his first real financial triumph in 1992 after closing an RTC note 
sale on the Mission Palm destination resort hotel in Tempe. 


 “I made $67,000 and it was my first 

closed deal since the Motel 6 transaction,” he says. From there, Murney started to gain traction 
and become a recognized name in the hotel sphere. However, he recalls an amusing anecdote that 
occurred as he was just picking up steam. 


 “I was playing golf at Phoenix Country Club with my 

banker and a new member of the club, and on the first hole I told a fellow member  that I needed 
my banker to agree to an increase in my already tapped out line of credit. On the third hole, the 
banker told the member that he’s been told that Murney needed to make a payment or the bank 
was going to call the line in.” The new member wondered why he’d ever agreed to play in that 


 It was in these sometimes humorous, sometimes tense moments that Murney found his 

competitive advantage.